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Our Sponsors are Dedicated to Supporting Our Community

Our sincere thanks to the homeowners sharing their homes on this year's Showcase. Along with our Sponsors, they are dedicated to supporting our community. Click the logos below to visit a sponsor's website.

It's not too late! If you would like to Sponsor the 2019 Showcase, please click on the tabs below.

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Major Media Sponsor

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Hope Home Sponsor
Promise Home Sponsor
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Empower Home Sponsor

Jan and Dan Broughton

Christa and Jim Hyatt

Cathy and Gene Kirby

Lalla and Al Mangin

Betsy and Dale Peck

Cheri and Happy Perkins

Becky and Steve Smith

Eloise Wenz

Patti and Keith Wilmot

Shauna and Tom Winters

Family Home Sponsor

Riezl and Ted Baker, Realtors

Micki Tanner, Realtor, Reynolds Lake Oconee Properties

Kathy Daniel, Lake Oconee Realtor

Shirley and Robert Beardslee

Jan and Carlton Curtis

Patty and Tom Dailey

Tina and Mike Fischlin

Stephanie and Steve Giorgis

Stephanie and Rick Henson

Jane Hutterly and Louie Seabolt

Theresa and Gary Kemp

Cindy and James Kubinski

Debbi and Larry Lenick

Carol and Mike Lynch

Katie and Brent Robertson

Ann and Jim Sorensen

Mike Leahy & Tom Thomas Golf Groups